10 More Days to Go Before Vacation! How Do I Prepare My House Before I Leave? – Summer Travel Tips

Get Your Septic Tank Clean Septic Tank

However, in all cases the septic system should be cleaned at least each three to five years, as per Bob Vila. If your tank’s septic system has not been pumped frequently the sludge could build up and create problems such as sewage backup or pooling in the drain field. If you’ve not scheduled a regular septic clean-up in a interval, make sure to do it prior to going on vacation, especially if you’ll be away longer than one month. In your absence then your septic tank shouldn’t receive a fresh influx of new bacteria from the family, but the current amount of bacteria could start to degrade. In this case, employing an septic company will ensure that your tank’s condition is clean after your return, which will improve its waste disposal efficiency.

Check your HVAC

If you are going to be taking your next vacation in the season, make sure for your HVAC system to be prepared. By taking all the precautions necessary, you ensure that your house is comfortable and habitable while you’re away. As you begin counting the days remaining with 10 days to go or less, start by cleaning your air filters. If you’ven’t changed the filter for a long time the chances are that it’s been blocked. Filters that are blocked can hinder the flow of air and decreases HVAC effectiveness. It is important to ensure your indoor air stays free of contaminants by leaving behind fresh filter. This will prevent any air filter problems. Alongside changing your air filters as needed, it’s a good suggestion to plan an appointment with a qualified professional in case there are potential HVAC problems that need to be addressed.

A HVAC technician that is trained and professional will inspect the condition of your HVAC system to detect any problems that may be growing while you’re on vacation. They’ll swiftly fix the issue and allow you to take pleasure in your vacation with the knowledge that your HVAC system is functioning properly. Maintenance routines can be scheduled to improve HVAC performance and help keep the unit operating at peak efficiency.