Cleaning Your AC Condenser – Home Improvement Tips

The coil should not be left neglected until it develops into serious. Knowing how to wash it and perform essential AC maintenance can save you much money and hassle further. The video on YouTube shows how to wash the condenser unit of your air conditioner. We’ll take a look.
All central air conditioners is equipped with a condenser outside the home, and in order to ensure that your AC maintains the proper functioning, you have know how to properly clean it. The cooling fins could be blockage by dust or other material. You can wait for several years, if you reside in an area that is clean and not too dirty.
The idea of doing it just each year will be smarter. You must first disconnect the electricity for your condenser. This must be in close proximity to the unit , as per most American codes, and then after that, you need to cut parts to wash. If the unit that powers it is not located near by then you may need shut it down from the circuit breaker.
You can view the rest of the video for the entire details on cleaning your condenser unit of AC. guac3n9ilp.