How Slab Jacking Can Save Your Driveway – Fast Car Video Clips

Ghts and, over time, they can become sunken or uneven. What can slab jacking do to save driveways? Slab jacking can help a driveway by lifting the slab to get it in line with the rest of the driveway. It stops cracking, as well as other harms that may be caused by the slab.

Cement mixing is the first process of slabjacking. The cement is mixed together with dirt Sand, and water in order into a slurry, which can be pumped underneath the slab. The slab jacker maintains the mixture in place , and prepares it for the next stage. After the mixture is mixed then slab jackers make holes in the driveway. They typically cut holes where there is sunken or uneven ground. They may inject cement mix in the holes to create ensure that driveways are level.

They then use grout to fill in the gaps and ensure that it is level in relation to surrounding areas. They then install the backer rods into every hole prior to power washing the surface. They fill the holes with cement before finishing their work.