How to Install a Vinyl Fence – Maine’s Finest

Paint the ground with spray paint

Get your hands on a digger for post holes, make holes at the places you previously marked them. They should be at least two times the width of the fence post , and also deeper that the frost. This is roughly 30-36″.

Then insert a pressure-treated 5×5 inside the hollow portion of the postand screw it into position. Mix the concrete in a mixer and sprinkle water on your post’s base. The bracing doesn’t need to be added to the concrete, if it’s sufficiently thick.

To determine how far to place fence posts slope of the lawn using the tape measure. In order to avoid having a fence that is crooked, you will need to adjust the posts as you’re going to get nice, even lines.

When you’ve got the initial fence posts in place, you will continue the procedure for remaining post locations and you may also add the panels. These should be fastened securely for stability of the fence.

Contact your nearest vinyl fencing company for more details and an appointment to discuss the project you are planning to.