How to Make the Best Pizzas – My Maternity Photography

It’s cheaper and more convenient that ordering pizza from a restaurant. This video will demonstrate how to make your very personal pizzas in your own kitchen!

Put yeast in water, and stir it up. Mix flour, salt as well as the mixture of yeast and water. When the mixture has completely coagulated then you can pull the dough out of your bowl and place it on the table.

Work through the dough with your fingers and hands. Continue working with the dough using an added flower until it is smooth and soft. You can now start rolling by adding flour into the dough.

The big ball of dough can be broken into smaller pieces before being rolled into round forms. Next, place the semolina , breadcrumbs and crumbs on baking sheets to prove the dough.

After the dough has been proofed you can flatten it by using your hands and fingers. If the dough breaks you can use pieces of edges to put it back together. Then add the sauce and cheese across the pizza.

Put in the basil prior to or after your pizza goes out, depending on how you’d prefer it cooked and you’re ready to eat. Go to the above image to read more about the recipe.