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It might be easier to control your appetite and make healthier choices for food by following a regular schedule. Breakfast is best eaten by your child no later than one hour following their waking. You can eat another meal about 4 or 5 hours later, followed by a third food intake of 4 to 5 hours later. If your child is hungry during meals, offer nutritious snack alternatives for the five food groups that are essential to your child’s diet. Foods that contain small quantities of protein should never be consumed more than 2 hours before the next or prior meal. Simple examples include a boiled egg, half an apple or even a bowl with fresh vegetables and hummus. You will also be aware of the importance of food choices at home.

Every meal should contain the fruits and veggies.

It’s crucial that your child consumes fruit and vegetables on a regular basis. It isn’t easy to get your child to eat veggies. If you’re vegetarian every meal could include vegetables and fruit.

1. Adding a half-banana to cereal for breakfast or oatmeal.

2. Drinking smoothies with power greens

3. A roast of broccoli was the perfect dinner.

4. Lunchtime snack of carrots and dip.

There are also fresh, non-perishable , fruits and vegetables that can last longer. You can consider canned or frozen veggies that are low in sodium and salt-free. Make sure to wash your vegetables before you cook. If you’re looking to illustrate how healthy food can be accomplished at home, this is especially important. It is important to drink fruit-rich juices with water or mild syrup. One option for kids is apple juice that is not sugary. As compared to other common side meals, fruits and vegetables are low in calories as well as providing your child with essential nutrients. Children’s health can benefit from the long-term eating habits established when they are fed fruits and vegetables.

Eat at the table

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