Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces – Andre Blog

There are many ways to make the space you have in your home more efficient. There are a variety of tricks that you can use that help your room appear bigger and give you more space in general. In this article we will look at some tips for designing interiors for smaller spaces.

First, you should consider using mirrors around your space. Mirrors can help give your room the appearance of being larger in comparison to what it actually could be. A mirror placed in front of a window allows greater natural light to shine through the space.

Furniture occupies a large amount of space . It is difficult to plan a room with no excluding specific items. Furniture that serves multiple purposes is an excellent idea. A good example would include adding storage space to every piece of furniture could be used for storage.

The last idea that we’ll be talking about is the use of vertical space. It’s not just about the floor space. There are many ways to think about what you can do with your walls when you are limited in space. It could be as simple as having your shelves rise instead of stretching towards the outside.