Rules for the Shooting Range – Tennis Serve Tips

When it comes to firearms, security should be on the top of your minds. In this video, you will learn some of the best guidelines to ensure safe firearm handling at the shooting range or anywhere else.
Point Down Range

Always keep the gun directed in a secure direction. This will change based upon where you are but at the range, it’s downrange.Trigger discipline

Make sure you keep your finger away from the trigger until you’re prepared to fire. This ensures that there are any accidental discharges that could harm or kill you or other people.

Be sure to keep Your Gun Unloaded

Don’t load the weapon until you’re ready. You cannot just take out the magazine. There is a need to examine and make sure there isn’t a round in the chamber, as well. Follow the guidelines 1 and 2 even if the gun has not been loaded.

Know Your Target and Beyond

It’s crucial to understand where your target lies as well as what is beyond. It is common for bullets to go directly across the targets, therefore it’s crucial to create an uninjured backdrop such as dirt or a hill.

The following guidelines should allow you to make your trip to the shooting range, or whatever other time you are handling your firearm, enjoyable and safe. For more information on gun safety, click on the link for the video below.