Signs You Need to Call a Roof Contractor – InClue

You are able to check your roof on your own, but it isn’t required to be performed by a professional.

The video that is posted here will show you the things to be looking for as you inspect your own roof. The video assumes an shingle roof since this is the most common roofing type for homes in the United States. Check how your shingles are performing in the course of examining your roof. If they’re curling, cracking, or otherwise falling apart, then you may need to get a new roof.

Additionally, be sure to inspect your roof’s flashings, gutters and soffits. They should all be in excellent condition and free of water pooling or damage. If they appear normal and in good condition then your roof is in great shape. Call a roofing expert If you think that water has entered your roof via flashings and soffits.

In order to have a complete inspection you should contact a roofing company for advice if you’re unsure of the condition of your roof. qxs8xlnfsl.