Solving the Age-Old Golf Course Geese Problem – Sports Radio 610

If you’re an avid YouTuber, it is likely that you’ve seen videos showing huge flocks of geese invading the golf course. Golf course managers have been dealing with this issue for years. The problem is not just that they deter customers from their golf game, but they also around the course, forcing landscapers to work overtime on clean-up duty. Geese can also be extremely noisy, making golf an extremely difficult and loud experience. To get rid of geesein golf, courses are taking a number different approaches. In this video, we will demonstrate how one golf club started the business of removing geese.

The owner of the golf course has developed the Goosinator A modified model craft that runs on grass and keep the unwelcome geese off the course. It has proved to be superior to repellent and hot sauce techniques they have tried in the past. The Goosinator does not harm the geese when they hatch their young birds in the spring. Additionally, the Goosinator is not fatal and is only used to scare the geese rather than causing any harm. The Goosinator is a formidable and well-known predator!