Tips for Industrial Painting – Reference Books Online

It is not necessary to paint over the area. This keeps the lines sharp and makes your machine appear cleaner and more professional. Make use of paper tape rather as plastic, to get a better look.

While stirring paint, be sure to apply water sealer on the stirring sticks. If you don’tdo this, the paint may disintegrate the stirrer and create wood chips that infiltrate your paint.

Mixing paint when mixing paint, it’s best to have an even mix of both stirs clockwise as well as counter-clockwise. If your paint doesn’t settle evenly the result will appear unnatural on your machine.

In the next step, put primer in any segments of the machine that require it. Then, run over the whole machine with a white primer. This ensures that the paint stays on the machine , and will last longer. Next, apply your coats of paint starting from your front and back.

Put any wraps or decals to your car. Tape is a good guide to ensure that it is centered, and also add an alcohol-based soap solution the decal, so that you are able to move it slightly after applying it until you have the right placement.

For further information on the different steps in the painting process, please click the link for the video below.