Understanding Brick Masonry – E-Library


Brickmasonry was becoming more and increasingly important, as bricks became increasingly popular. It is obvious that bricks are essential yet how can we know what it is?

Brick masonry bricks are laid in a row before being sealed using mortar. The majority of buildings can be seen today, cement mortar is is used. The cement mortar process is made up of concrete, sand, as well as water. These three ingredients create mortar which can be utilized to seal the exterior of a structure or home.

When it is time to lay the bricks there is an order to be to be followed. Bricks must be laid parallel to one another with mortar in between. After a row of bricks is laid mortar is then placed on sides of the bricks as and to help prepare them for the next row that will be placed over it.

Brick masonry employs a range of patterns or bonds. The type of bond used is based on the kind of structure that is constructed and the type of support will be required.