What is Prestressed Concrete? – Spokane Events


uld be stretched out, creating what is known as prestressed concrete.

Concrete bends down whenever a heavy pressure is put on it. The top of concrete is sturdy enough to stand up to the pressure of compressive forces, however its bottom gets stretched by tension. Cracks can form, which ultimately leads to catastrophic failure.

Rebar is a good option for concrete. However, if the concrete doesn’t have pre-stressed it won’t not prevent cracks. While this may be suitable for specific structures however, it’s not advised for bridges and buildings. Concrete that is pre-stressed will avoid harm to people using the structure. Concrete is laid on top of bar. The machine is able to pull off the rebar when it’s becoming solid. This stretches it, making it actively resistant to Tensile force.

Like we said, pre-stressed cement is ideal for bridges. Bridges may be either long or thin, so thinner concrete tends to be less likely to fail because of tension. The prestressed concrete gives it proper strength without sacrificing depth. You can view the video for more details.