What to Avoid During Child Custody Cases – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

Custody Case” They discuss the seven mistakes in a child custody matter that the client makes. One of the biggest mistakes is that parents and caregivers fail to provide or disclose the information needed to the other side in the case. Every jurisdiction has their own set of rules concerning disclosure. Knowing the rules will help clients with the disclosure request. In the event that clients are involved in custody cases, failing to disclose information in response to the request for information could result in difficulties with the case. It is important that clients react quickly to requests for information.

The filing of too many motions to another party different from the norm can hurt your custody claim. Your credibility and chances for a fair trial can be affected if you lie to the judge during court proceedings or on the official paperwork. Another error in custody proceedings that parents can make is to send threatening emails or making calls or otherwise being rude or disrespectful to those opposing the case. Clients may make requests which aren’t in line to their situation, such as asking to spend more time with children even though they’ve not had contact with them previously. Also, clients who are not following court dates for filing pretrial paperwork and declarations can face delays and seem unprofessional. Each party will see better outcomes if they are aware of specifics of custody proceedings. cumcq7wwhz.