When to Look for Windshield Repairs – Car Talk Podcast

ck. It is possible that you will need repairs for tiny stones that can be found in the roads. In this article this article, we’ll look at the science of fixing your windshield.

There are several typical breaks that could occur in your windshield. The most frequent fractures is called the bullseye. The shape of a bullseye is cone-shaped which resembles a cone, thus the name. Another type of break is known as a star break. Star breaks are when cracks seem to extend beyond the point of impact in very fine lines.

The technology of today is able to determine whether a break is able to be repaired to your vehicle’s windshield. When determining if a windshield broken can be repaired there are two elements you need to consider such as the kind of the damage and the size.

Technicians can fix damaged windshields if it is feasible. In rare cases changing the whole windshield may be the only solution. A break in the area that the driver’s line sight is, would result in replacing the glass as a whole.