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Even if you are not a candidate for braces there is still a chance. Invisalign is the preferred option. Invisalign protocol is similar like wire braces, but the retainers can be removed and they are constructed of clear plastic. They are less noticeable when used. Follow the directions. Are there any hot drinks I can drink with Invisalign? Speak to your dentist. This will help you get the highest quality results.

One factor that keeps adult patients from using Invisalign is the expense of orthodontics. How much do clear teeth aligners cost? They are priced based on various factors including whether you have insurance. How much will it cost to purchase Invisalign with insurance? For specific figures, talk with your insurance company. However, it will be more affordable than not having insurance. If you aren’t able to afford Invisalign ensure that you discuss your options in the dental office of your dentist. It may help you find a way to pay for Invisalign or provide you with alternative options. xsp69aeuks.